What is the Congregational Federation?

The Congregational Federation is an Association of Independent local churches, it is a charity set up in 1972 to support those Congregational churches who choose to affiliate to it. Formed to support those churches who did not join the United Reformed Church (URC) at that time.

Comprising just under 300 congregations, the Federation brings together independent churches characterised by a congregationalist church governance and Dissenting theology. It provides support and guidance to member churches both financially and otherwise through administrative regions and a central office.

Our Mission is to empower, enable, engage and equip the churches in their mission to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Congregational Federation supports the independence of each local church, encourages the responsibility of the church members to manage the church business and believes in the power of the Holy Spirit within the church meeting.


What do the Federation do?
  • Provide learning and development resources to churches

  • Offers opportunities to members of all its churches to prepare for ministry and service through our Gift course 

  • Offers a foundation degree in practical theology and opportunities for continued ministerial development.

  • Holds regional and national assemblies enabling churches to meet and share ideas.

  • Provides help and advise on safeguarding and financial governance.