Bible Study 27th May & Prayer Group 13th May

As a congregation we are meeting virtually - by telephone, WhatsApp and email. The Church Council remain in regular contact and we are holding our postponed Council Meeting via Zoom on Tuesday 12th May.

While the physical meetings for Bible Study and Prayer will not go ahead, we could try meeting on an online platform such as WhatsApp now that this holds 8 in a meeting.

Prayer Group 13th May

Praying hands.

We can all sit in our own homes and pray together and connect via WhatsApp to ask for certain situations to be prayed for. The Prayer Group will meet on Wednesday 13th May between 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

You can find a quiet place to sit for any length of time between these hours. We will be praying together but alone.

Bible Study 27th May

The bible study will be on Wednesday 27th May and we will look again at ‘Busyness’ as we read Mark 6:30-46 – Rest with and Rely on God.

I will contact those who normally attend to see if we can do this online, thanks.

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