Friday Night Club update

We met on Friday 13 May for an evening of fun and learning, we looked at the time between Easter and Pentecost and took stories from there to base our activities on. We talked about Jesus coming back from the dead and whether they believed that or not, we watched a video of the Road to Emmaus and talked about knowing Jesus is alive.

We made cakes and decorated them to celebrate that He is alive, and we went fishing around the outside of the church, we then decorated the fish (now on display at the front of the church).

We ended by colouring a dove for Pentecost, which they took home to hang up to remind them that Jesus is always with us.

We will next meet on Friday 17th June at 3.30pm, hopefully the weather will be lovely, and we can do an outside treasure hunt around Bouskell Park and then come back for hotdogs and ice-cream. I am not yet sure about the content of the session but given how close it is to Father’s Day I suspect we will look at fathers.

This will be the last session of the current school year but don't worry your children don't need to wait until September to come back to the Church as we are again holding a Holiday Club!

The holiday club this year will be held on the first week in August (1st - 5th). As well as stories from the Bible, arts and crafts and games we are also going to book some sports leaders to run organised sports activities.

If you would like to offer to help with the holiday club please contact Julie as soon as possible, the first planning meeting will be held on 16th June.

Details for parents will be sent out shortly to those who have attended previously or who currently attend the Friday Night Club.

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