What did the children do?

Today we hosted our first Friday Night Club of the new School year and we were delighted to welcome 15 children who had attended the Summer Holiday Club - it would have been more but unfortunately 2 were ill on the day.

The theme for the afternoon was harvest and the Bible story was taken from the book of Ruth, the children enjoyed hearing how Boaz looked after Ruth by telling his workers to leave some of the grain they were harvesting at the side of the field so that she could gather it to feed herself and Naomi.

The main activity was pizza making, each child made their own pizza by choosing from a selection of toppings. The pizzas were baked in time for the children to enjoy them for their meal.

The children also took part in craft activities making cartoon fruit bouncy toys and colouring pictures of different fruit and vegetables. As the weather was fine they also enjoyed playing outside (this gave the adults a chance to tidy up!).

Harvest fruit and vegetables

We look forward to welcoming the children again on 23rd November when the theme will be Christmas.

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