Holiday Club Report

This year, despite Covid, we decided to organise and host the Churches Together holiday club again from 3rd - 7th August and all those who were part of it were really happy with how it went.

We knew it would be very different this year as we needed to avoid activities such as cooking and had to keep social distancing therefore could not play any games where equipment was shared nor could we sing but nevertheless we were able to put together a program of interesting activities.

We had 16 children in total (which was the maximum number allowed at this time), although we never had them all each day as some started on holiday and came after and some came and then went on holiday!

We used the school room and each child had their own table, chairs and stationery. All resources were given to them individually and no sharing was allowed. When in the school room, they stayed at their table and we controlled toilet breaks. Temperatures were taken everyday and hands washed or sanitised every hour.

Stokes School allowed us to use their playing field and so apart from Tuesday (when it rained) we spent 45 minutes on their field. This allowed the children to run around and play. The children were very well behaved and the adults added much to this and so my thanks go to Susan, Hollie, Rachel, Jackie and Carol Lacey.

Every day the children went home with at least one craft that they had made. The children and parents had really enjoyed getting back to normal.

Our theme of ‘Healing’ looked the world, our bodies, minds and souls and then finally God’s promises to us. We looked at the stories of creation, the man let down through the roof, the lepers, Pentecost, Noah and the rainbows.

Thank you all for your prayers for this week, they clearly helped.


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