Baptism of Joseph

Sunday 27th May was a wonderful day for many reasons, not least because the Sun was shining and the Church was full, but because it was on this day that Nichola and Tim bought Joseph to be Baptised into God's Kingdom. Joseph's sisters Ellie and Jess had been previously Baptised and were blessed again. Joseph was very good and smiled sweetly at the Congregation, as Nichola and Tim, along with the Godparents and the Church, made promises before God.

The Theme of the Service was 'we all belong to God's family'. We started with a quiz on siblings (for the Adults) and a quiz on Mothers and Babies (for the Children). It is important that we all feel we belong. The story of Zacchaeus told of someone who desperately wanted to feel welcomed and part of a family. Jesus welcomed Zacchaeus as he welcomes each of us.

We Pray for Joseph, Ellie, Jess, Nichola and Tim at this time and ask God's continuing blessing on them all.

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