High Five! Holiday Club - Caring Hands

This year our Holiday Club had the theme of Caring Hands and each day we looked at a different aspect of caring linked to a Bible story.

We were joined by helpers from All Saints Church in Blaby and the adults enjoyed the activities and friendship as much as the children.

On Monday we looked at Caring for Others

On Tuesday each group had a Zumba Session led by a qualified Zumba teacher as we looked at caring for ourselves - healthy body and healthy mind.

We also came up with ideas for healthy eating (Lettuce and Chocolate Cake were one persons favourites hopefully not together!) with Watermelon being the most popular fruit. We decided that sweet things were good as treats and one group made Gingerbread people while the others made pitta bread pizzas.

On Wednesday we looked at Caring for our World and the Creation story from Genesis. Julie used a beautifully illustrated book to tell the story and this has been updated to show what humans have done to the World since.

On Thursday we continued this theme as we took the children to Brandon Marsh Visitor Centre where we took part in Forest School activities led by a ranger and after our packed lunch we went on a Big Butterfly Hunt - one group are shown below taking a break from hunting but we did see at least 7 different species of Butterflies as well as lots of different types of water Birds.

On Friday we rounded off our week with the children by Caring for our Local Area. All the children loved Litter Picking with the kits we were loaned and we managed to collect a whole dustbin sack of rubbish in just over an hour.

On Friday morning we also discussed what amenities we needed in our local area: buses and seating as well as shops, churches, schools, doctors and dentist surgeries and leisure places such as parks and made a collage of pictures of people who cared as well as nice places like parks and gardens.

Several of us brought donations for the local Foodbank at Countesthorpe which our church in Blaby regularly donates to.

If your children enjoyed the Holiday Club then please join us for Friday Night Club (usually the third Friday each month after school) or our Family Picnic and Treasure Hunt at Bouskill Park on Sunday 1st September or the Harvest Festival on Sunday 14th September?

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