Lent Bible Study - Opening the Scriptures

Opening the Scriptures Lent Study

Our Lent Studies began (and ended) on 11th March as we looked at ‘Opening the scriptures’. We looked at Exodus 3.1-15 - The Fire and the Name. We looked at Moses and the burning bush and God giving His name as I AM – Yahweh. Jesus took this name up as He often said ‘I am..’

The following week was cancelled but the Lent study material was forwarded to those who had attended so that they could read it and use the readings, prayers and questions.

The following weeks’ studies were: 18th March - Face to Face – Genesis 32:22-33:10

25th March - Bound Together in Love and Sacrifice – Genesis 22:1-18 1st April – How then would the scriptures be fulfilled – New Testament Easter readings

This, for us, is a new way of studying but if we pray before we begin and study at the same time, then God will draw us closer to each other.

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