The Challenge of Corona

The Challenge of Corona

We were flying to the Moon

We were finding life on Mars

We were dropping bombs with drones

We were getting bigger cars.

We were building finer homes

Flying out to warmer lands

We were busy buying clothes

We were brushing up our tans.

We were throwing out good food

While we watched the starving poor

We kept burning fossil fuels

And our air became less pure.

We were given ample warning

But we didn’t want to listen and we didn’t want to hear

We just watched TV and Tablets

Drank our wine and quaffed our beer.

The Corona chose to visit

We were all caught unprepared

This wee microscopic VIRUS

Has our world running scared.

We must watch out for our neighbour

Doing everything we can

We are all in this together

Let us love our fellow man.

God is with us every moment

Minding us with loving care

Now we know how much we need Him

Let us talk to Him in Prayer

Anonymous - as printed in the April Newsletter

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