Successful opening for private prayer

It was lovely to open up the church on Sunday 21st June even if it was just for private prayer.

The church was socially distanced with people dotted over the church and a one-way system in place. All those who came sanitised before they entered and as they left.

Person praying

Doors were open so nothing was touched. Music and a PowerPoint were playing but some people read the bible (their own), some bible notes (brought from home) or my prepared service which they had printed.

We had 14 attend during the hour and many were delighted to be back in Church.

When we are allowed to do more then we will work out the logistics and let you know. In the meantime, the Church will be open for private prayer every Sunday.

Please remember if you attend the private prayer session and wish to use written prayers or Bible passages you will need to bring them with you.

May God continue to bless us at this time.

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