Holiday Club for children

1st - 5th August 2022 for Primary school aged children

We have now had two meetings and discussed the theme and the activities that we will be doing. The theme will be David the Shepherd who becomes the king. We will look at the stories of David and Goliath, his psalms, how he becomes the King and him as a shepherd.

We have secured money from Waitrose to help with our costs. We will use this money by having people in to run sessions, we will have Irish Dancing and Henry the Skipper. We hope on the Wednesday to borrow the tennis courts and rackets to play tennis games and then onto the field opposite for a picnic followed by other sporting activities.

Stokes School will allow us to use their playing field again and we can use that every day. We will run from 9:30 to 12:30 every day of that week with the exception of Wednesday when we will finish at 2pm. Thanks to Susan, Rachel and Ellie for helping with the week and to Carol who will join us on the last two days, Val and Jan have also offered to help on some of the days. It all seems to be coming together nicely.

I have prepared and sent out the posters to those who came last year and we already have 16 children attending.

Please do pray for us as we work with children in the community.