Mothering Sunday - 14th March 2021

It is tradition that when we meet on Mothering Sunday the ladies in the congregation receive bunches of spring flowers. This year our Pastor and the Church Council have decided to continue the giving of gifts but have changed this to a bag of goodies which will be delivered to those who are unable to attend due to shielding etc. Thank you to Pastor Julie for coming up with this idea and for those who are helping to make up the bags and deliver them on Sunday morning.

Sunday worship will be led by Barrie Osborne and for those who wish to follow the service at home it is published below.

Opening words Hebrews 4:14-16

Hymn – Before the throne of God above

Praise prayer

God of creation and order, be with us as we gather for worship. Help us to think carefully about the choices we make and the people we look up to. Lead us in the confusions and temptations of this world. Teach us to look up to the light of your Son, Jesus Christ, for guidance and inspiration

Lord God, we approach your light. The light that shines in the darkness of our world. The light that searches the darkness of our hearts. The light that banishes the shadows that surround us. The light that causes some to turn away because they prefer the darkness. But we lift our faces to your light and walk towards you. Lord God, we approach your light.

Family story – Ruth see Powerpoint attached below

Ruth and Naomi sunday 14 March 2021
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Quotes about mums

Hymn – There is a redeemer

Petition prayer

On the leaders of the nations as they make decisions about international relationships especially on the leaders of China, Iran, Yemen and Myanmar:

Let your light shine, and bring hope to your children.

On the leaders of the Church as they make decisions about church opening and mission activities for Passiontide and Easter:

Let your light shine, and bring hope to your children.

On teachers, teaching assistants, administrative staff and students as they settle back into schools:

Let your light shine, and bring hope to your children.

On those making decisions concerning the vaccination programme and the implementation of the roadmap to recovery:

Let your light shine,. and bring hope to your children.

On those who feel isolated, those who mourn loved ones, and those who are ill…

Let your light shine, and bring hope to your children.

Loving Lord, we look up to you and trust that your light will guide us in the path of peace, justice and love. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

For those on our prayer list

For Mothers and women everywhere

Dear Jesus we thank you for Mothers everywhere For all who care for us day by day, Let us not forget that you were a child And your mother was Mary.

We say thank you for Mums across the world And in our country too, Although we may not say it, We think you are the best.

So let us give grateful thanks And let our voices be heard For all the Mums and Grans On this very special day. Amen

Bible Reading Ruth 1:1-22

Hymn – Speak O Lord, as we come to you


Barrie has not provided me with information for the content of his talk.

I have looked online and share the following with you from Barnabus in Church. It looks at stories of women and links them to the sacrifice of Jesus.

· Naomi and Ruth were on their way back to Bethlehem, which reminds us of the Christmas story and God's gift of Jesus for us. Ruth was the ancestor of Jesus.

· Hannah promised to give her child to the Lord. She gave him up, just as God gave up Jesus for the work of rescue, which was His life's work.

· Mary received by faith the life of God within her. It reminds us that this is what God longs to happen for us; His life received into us as we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Three words from these stories are a pattern for our response:

· Where you go, I will go (Ruth to Naomi)

· I will give my best to God (what Hannah did)

· Faith in the fact that 'nothing is impossible with God' (Gabriel’s words to Mary)

Hymn – Here is love, vast as the ocean

Closing prayer

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